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V2-TBAC65 from Valhallir.at - Free IR included


Power User
For all you Class-A lovers out there:

Vox™ AC-30 Top Boost from 1965, loaded with 2 Celestion™ Alnico Silver T1088's with H1777 Pulsonic Cone.

V2-TBAC65 wallpaper white shadow small.jpg


Without any doubt you can count this candy to the list of the 3 most legendary amps of all time. From Brian May, the Beatles, Rory Gallagher, Status Quo or
The Edge from U2, the AC30 Top Boost has written musical history.

The V2-TBAC65 pack consists of MPT & RAW irs in all wav-formats, the "selection"-folder, midfield IRs (MF), farfield IRs (FF) and rear mike IRs (R)
based on measurements with the following microphones:
AKG(R) D202 2-way mike from the early 80s
Sennheiser(R) e906 - dynamic microphone
Sennheiser(R) MD421 - dynamic microphone
Shure(R) SM7-B - dynamic microphone
Shure(R) SM57 - dynamic microphone
sE(R) V7X - dynamic microphone
sE(R) 4400 II - large diaphragm multipattern condenser microphone
sE(R) sE8 - small diaphragm condenser microphone (for nearfield, midfield, farfield and rear mike-shots)
AKG(R) C-414 XLS - large diaphragm multipattern microphone (for nearfield, midfield and farfield mike-shots)
Royer(R) R-121 - ribbon microphone
sE(R) VR1 - ribbon microphone

This great amp, which is in very mint condition for its age, belongs to the Austrian guitar legend Helmut Bibl, who played for acts like Falco, Drahdiwaberl,
Supermax, Boris Bukovski, Andy Baum o the Hallucination Company, etc. live and in the studio.

Follow his youtube-channel "Bibl rocks":

or find him on facebook:



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