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Using Axe as sound card question.


I clicked on the taskbar speaker icon and choose the option to use my Axe FX as my sound card. So now it seems the sound is playing through my CLR's. However, I'm a little confused in
that I was hoping that I could use the Axe's different presets to get different sounds when I playback through Reaper, but that is not happening. So my question is why is the sound coming
from my computer through the AXE not affected by changing the preset? Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any enlightenment.


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Because your are using your Axe as sound card, so it does not touch your computer's output.

It still help you make funny noises with your guitar tho.


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If you want to play your computer audio through Axe grid, go to I/O menu in Axe and select input 1 source to USB and mode to stereo.


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+1. USB output is mixed in after the grid by default. Changing the setting Aziz mentioned mixes it in before the grid instead. This is how reamping is done via USB.
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