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Unity input gain?


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We all know how much the level of the guitar matters to the sound of especially high-gain amps. So I was wondering, which setting of the A/D Input Level corresponds to Unity input gain? Would that be the 100% setting?
I mean, such that the amp model in the Axe has the same degree of distortion as the (modeled) real amp would, given the same guitar signal?

Obviously the A/D Input Level is also there to prevent clipping of the A/D, but that's a separate issue.


set the Input so it doesn't turn red on the front panel.

it yields the same level to the amp regardless of the setting. it's setting signal to noise ratio.


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Ok, that's cool, thanks.
And I suppose the amp models would be "gained" to match the sensitivity of the real amps, assuming no effects are inserted in front of them?
Is there any difference between the front or back input, in this respect?
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