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Unintentional NGD!


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So, I was in my friend's shop and a customer had left his guitar there as collateral on a possible trade deal they were doing. My friend asked me to check out this Hamer he's working a deal on. As I was taking it out of the case, I accidentally tagged a lug on the snare drum rack above the case and dinged the headstock. I offered to fix or buy the guitar from the customer straight up since I wanted to make it right. Customer opted for the purchase. So here she is! 1997 Hamer Custom. This thing actually plays and sounds better than my 2001 Custom Shop ESP.

Edit: I should mention she's for sale if anybody is interested! $1500 + shipping takes her.
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Not right away! I was too busy going, "How do I make this right?" But when we were trying to figure out a value on it, he tossed out a number and I said, "But this one has a ding!" and laughed. Took some of the tension out, but still... bittersweet acquisition.

Scott Peterson

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Those are really nice guitars. I've owned more than a few Hamer's. Good stuff.

The way you came into that one? That's a shame. Not good stuff. Though I salute your integrity on making good on it.
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