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Two independent volume pedals


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If either one isn't at full volume, the other one won't be able to get higher than that.
Yes, but what's wrong with that? Start with both pedals at half opened. Make the usable range smaller, say between 50 and 100 percent on both, so you never cut audio all out with one.
And that way you get no jumps.
As soon as you'd turn one pedal all off you'd get jumps. I wouldn't recommend that. Not that terrible when the volume drops, but the other way round, one loud surprise and from then on the tech will keep your fader a bit lower.


it should be setting them both to the same CC# which I believe is CC#11 or pedal #1 on the fc and #11 on the mastermind....
I was replying to someone who referred to a manual page... That doesn't provide a solution.

I already proposed using the same CC for both, but that doesn't really solve the request.

Which CC you use doesn't matter as long as you set things correctly.


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Thank you to everyone who posted possible solutions.

My first solution was to edit which pedal would control Input 1 Volume, either FC1 Pedal1 or CC #11 under Midi/Remote > Other. While this works, I also want a setup that will allow adjusting the pedal taper independently.

My second solution is to place two Vol/Pan blocks in sequence, each with a different modifier source. I will report back after I have tested this scenario.

Note, I have adjusted the pedal taper by setting:
  • Volume Taper in Vol/Pan block to Linear or S-Taper
  • Mapping Mid for Volume modifier to 20-30%
  • Mapping Slope for Volume modifier to 35-50%


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Found a "better" solution, using a Global block for the Volume block. Now, all I have to change when I switch controllers is the source for the volume modifier.


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