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Try it with small amps too!


I hooked my FX8 up to my little TSA15H Ibanez amp and I just can't believe the tone.

I'm using the Amp with the Distortion on. Then on the FX8 I am using the FAS Patch. Took out the first distortion and kept the 2nd one. Added a reverb and removed Multi Delay. Also put my Petrucci wah In front of the amp before the FX8. Added a mono delay forget which one.

Just can't explain the tone man. Its milky, thick. Solid, Ballsy . I couldn't put my guitar down last night.
Sitting at work now . I'm getting hard thinking about plugging in when I get home.
Oh ...I only have the distortion and wah in pre. Everything else I put in the loop. Using 4 C M
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