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Trouble Recording.


Hey Guys, I belong to an Online Guitar Class with Paul Gilbert Through a Company Called Artistworks. Its an online based teaching site where you can send a Video of your general Guitar Playing to Paul Gilbert for his review.

I've been unable to upload my sound with the Axe Fx. When I send in a video the sound is all distorted and jumbled.
I'm using an iMac. I have my Axe set as the main output in sounds setttings. Video is fine. Sound is horrible.

A lot of my fellow students are curious to here some of these rocking tones.

Can anyone give me any tips for sending in Video Exchanges? I've tried iMovie and Photobooth too. Sound is terrible. Gotta be something in settings.


I know nothing about Mac, but my first thought is if you're recording sound through camera? If so, try to record sound with a daw in your computer while capturing video. After that you can sync that sound with the film on some video editing software.


how are you trying to record the audio? you say that Axe is set as main output, but what are you using to record the video and audio?


The Video is the stock iMac Camera. I have the Axe set up USB to the iMac. So im using that. I can play back through iMovie or Photo Booth and its fine. But when I upload it...the sound is all distorted. Thanks
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