The DEFINITIVE Bogner 4x12 IR pack! New Ownhammer content!

While the tones and playing were excellent as others have said, I thought the track was a fine example of how to put a tune together i.e. building from a simple progression then incrementally adding other instruments.
Very nice!
But somehow i can't help thinking you'd probably sound stellar with whatever cab you put into that preset. I'll probably buy this pack too, as i did with most everything OH put out, but I'll never be competent enough to create pieces like this... :)
Well ztevie, there is realy a hearable difference with the ir's - this one paricular is the first Bogner ir which I like and started to use in my live rig. It realy is a step forward. :eagerness:
Exceptional work! That tone is fantastic! Do you remember which amp models and specific IRs you used for that rhythm tone?

Thank You very much Guys!
I used Line 6 Pod HD, Mesa Dual Rectifier + Ibanez Tube Screamer simulations, with noise gate, a bit of compression, spring reverb and no eqing. No onboard cab/mic simulation either.
Instead of this I used mixIR2 plugin and blended 4 IR files:
1. OH 412 Bogner G12EVH 57-02 (100%)
2. OH 412 Bogner G12EVH 414-00 (100%)
3. OH 412 Bogner G12EVH Room (30%)
The 4th files comes from RedWirez BigBox colletion and it is a impedance curve:
4. Celestion Blue Impulse Curve 100 (50%)
Those curves are really awesome. I use those in my every single preset.

And then goes eqing:
1. HP-LP filter (100Hz - 12kHz)
2. Very narrow cut of few dB on 3kHz, and to get rid of some fizzyness also very narrow, but deep cuts on 4.9kHz, 8kHz and 9.4kHz.
And that's it :).

And I almost forgot - finally to brighten whole mix up I eq highs starting from 13kHz (I think so, I'm not shure)
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