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THANK YOU FRACTAL for ending a YEAR of aggrevation-TONE MATCH


You're going to laugh at me but I'm actually tearing up while i write this. I got my Axe II last June, and its been a struggle. I can't EQ, I don't know enough about amps, and I don't have a home studio. I've been playing for 20 years, and gigging with Boogies, Pods, Randalls, an axe fx standard and at last the AXE II. I could never get the sound where I wanted it. Cleans and grit were great, but leads and high gain were not as natural for me. I knew the tones were in there, but but patch after patch and update after update I couldn't "fly" and my gigging career and confidence were also affected. How do I deal with the fact that a $2200 box is giving me more trouble than my pod? Hours and hours over the months of tinkering, explaining to my wife about why the unit required time, and worry ensued. There were great gigs and amazing moments, but I LACKED THE KNOWLEDGE of eq and amps to make the unit work.
Two days ago I watched CCROYALSENDERS's Tone match video, and I downloaded reaper and gave it a try. My first patch was Satch Boogie and my second was a stem from the last Dream Theater album. ALL THE FIZZ GONE! All the inhibitions gone, and my playing flowed. Today i found a solo track from a triaxis direct recording (my last setup). 2 minutes later i have a tone that is smoother and more singing than anything I've ever recorded. I haven't touched one eq or presence since-tone is PERfECT.
I wanted to publicly thank the guys at Fractal for this turning point. Tone Match is for me and all the guys here who don't record all day long and bought the unit for its potential but couldn't get there on their own. I don't know if these tones will translate live yet, and I don't care. I can now sound like anyone I want and play my best while doing it. I'm so glad I held on!
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