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Thank You Axe-Fx III for introducing me to Marshall

Bruce Sokolovic

Struggled dialing in marshall amps for years. When they’re on, they sound great. That being said, my Soldano SLO 100 is everything I love about Marshall with all the bad stuff already dialed out.


It's certainly provided an amazing introduction to many amps I never would have otherwise experienced. I've been spending a lot of time on the JTM45, JCM800, as well as the FAS Brit Brown and the Boogie IIC. It took about 3 seconds of playing when I got my unit a couple weeks ago to appreciate the "feel" side that several reviewers described. It's an amazing unit, and one hell of an upgrade from my SansAmp RK5 and BassFlyRig, to say the least.

In addition to the exposure to new sounds, observing creative signal chains, digging into settings from presets and Axechange site, and of course, the wealth of quality YT content have effectively become a crash course in tone.


Power User
Try with Legacy cab #57 & #69 mixed. They seem to do well with Marshalls, IMO. The TV Mix's are good too if you just want a single cab. Honestly, with the ability to mix 4 different cabs I find that my bread and butter go to is obsolete: Cab w/ a 57 mic mixed with a Cab w/ a 121 or 160 mic.


And for me, I grew up playing Marshalls.
Now I'm hooked on the Matchless D-30 Just CRAZY good!!!
I need to dive into the Marshall's, but I've been happily stuck on the D-30 also (my main/desert island amp for the past 8 years has been a Matchless HC30 - head/cab version of the DC30). The D-30 model in the Axe III is the first time I've ever entertained selling my desert island HC30. It's that good, and that accurate. Just an amazing amp model.


I’ve been using the 6550 for my main dirty sound the past months, using just my guitar’s volume control, and I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy with the sound and the simplicity of it. Still using Shiver for clean tones. Just 2 channels of the available 8.



I LOVE the 50W 6550 too! My favourite of all the Marshalls in my FM3. Just a perfect raw Marshall sound with my LP. The Blues OD is fantastic as a boost, as well. I'm using Legacy cab 60 and playing through a Friedman ASM 12.


I'm with you on this sentiment, I have always wanted to play a JCM800 but could never justify a purchase. I feel like the AxeFx III gave me an opportunity to play through one AND variations with common modifications in place AND with a ton of parameters to tweak at will (without the threat of death by attempting to modify the tube amp counterpart).


I use Brit 800 for everything at this point and still think the fractal was a good buy. Unboosted rock tone, SD-1 boost for metal-ish, and a PEQ boost for more modern metal.

I've pretty much given up on the other amp sims. The 2204 has been my amp forever so I just stick with that, I guess.
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