Suggestion for guys who love a 4x12 trying to go FRFR


I've been a 4x12 guy for about 25 years. I keep trying FRFR and just can't get a sound I hear in my ears like I do sitting in front of my 4x12. I've made IR's of my mesa cab that sound pretty amazing recorded but running through the FRFR setup jamming doesn't give me that usual sound I am used to. So i started messing with IR's and surprisingly the old GERMAN Factory 63 with a 58 DYN & 87A COND sounds amazingly like sitting in front of my 4x12 jamming like I usually do. I pull out a little mids in the preamp and a little cut in cab low end and from my FRFR sounds pretty close to sitting in front of my 4X12. Its not even a UltraRes cab but sure gets me close to the 4x12 in room sound. Just a little suggestion for guys who blow their ears out like me in front of their 4x12 cab of choice.
Thanks for the suggestion, schlagdog! I just started running through monitors for the first time and have been looking for something similar to the sound of my recto 4x12 as a sort of "home base" for jamming. This cab and mic mix gets really close! Much appreciated.
Yeah, definitely no substitute for the feel of the real deal, but this at least recreates the sound, which is so nice.
I used to use this cab back on my Ultra (not sure if it's the same one or not....) I used 57/R121 and it was killer. Will give this combo a try :)
This thing that always was wrong for me isn't the not moving air. My Frfr speakers move enough air to blow my head off. The thing I needed was an IR that sounds like how my ears heard the cab. Not how the cab sounds with an SM57 or something in front. I'm using my ears as the mic and just needed some cab IR that sounded close to that and not squashing it with a mic. This mix has the open sound of a 4x12 without the squash so you can get close to that 4x12 in your face sound.
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