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Studio Presets Producers Packs on Ebay


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These are the first commercial presets that I see. Not sure if this is a good thing. Now anybody can sell their presets and say they are producers presets. If they would be licensed by FAS that would be another thing.


Yeah it does open it up for anyone to do this.....and if they are special then it could be worth it. That's why I was inquiring if anyone could vouch for them. I'm leaning towards not purchasing unless I get some real feedback on them from some members who've used them. Sounds pretty good on the clips though.


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They do sound pretty good in their recording...
Seems to me anyone could have similar results by recording a dry line and "reamping" (sort of, same concept anyhow) through their AFX.
NC has it right I think. At least they aren't a huge investment. On the other hand, as a new user, half the fun is making patches that are unique to me as a player.


I have them and they sound great as they come. I did some minor tweaks with IR's, due to my guitars. I love the 5150, VH4, the Hebert, the Dumble OD lead, and the Leslie Chorus, They are cheap, about 50 cents a preset. It includes 14 presets.


You are probably right, but for me they worked great. It is always great when you find a preset that keeps you playing for hours, and i am always searching for those kind of presets anywhere i can get them. These presets sounded good , and the chance paid off, at least for me.

Semih Yanyali

Power User
Presets - Sound of axe depends so much on your guitar....start of the chain is the most important, means your guitar and fingers. Axe Fx really reacts and interacts with guitar more than any amp, digital equipment or software i tried.....so in most cases other peoples presets can give u an idea but not the tone u are searching for....in my opnion


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I saw them on ebay a week or so ago ,I wouldn't think they would be any different than all the others out there ! Very few will translate ! I haven't found one yet that I've been able to use in my live presets ! Personally I wouldn't spend my money on them !


Yeah I've downloaded some that didn't translate for me but did for some others so I guess you have to be prepared to at least do some EQ tweaking. They sound pretty awesome in the samples but so do many already on the Axe FX. They have to be individualized to your setup, style, etc. Might be worth the small investment though.


I have tried them and they sound really good with my gear - most of the time, that is not the Case with downloads I found (for the obvious reasons discussed here). Another starting Point for me to compare and learn for my own tweaking.


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I got these and they sound really good. Took a little tweaking to dial it in, just like any other preset you might obtain, as there was some output clipping at first. The Herbert Rhythm patch sounds really hot on my Les Paul!

For $7, can't go wrong....you get 14 patches total.
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