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Steward World 1.2


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Hey all

Considering a Steward World 1.2, any thoughts??? From current and past owners, also if have had a Steward amp what others have you tried??



Im using a Stewart World 1.2 and its great. Im running it stereo into a Port City 212 wave cab loaded with a pair of Jensen Neo Tornado speakers.
I had a World 600 before and it was cool, but the extra headroom of the 1.2 really made a big difference.
I've played this rig on about 20 or 30 two to three set gigs and have had zero problems with overheating.
It sounds great.


Hi John.
Shoot a message to lightningboy, ( also called John ), he has personal experience with the Stewart World.


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Thanks for the response guys!

Long story short, ordered the GT800 from Tone Merchants last week, they were currently not stocked at the time but mine is bought and paid for. So when they place their order and get the delivery, mine is in that first batch. Hoping for next week but most likely the week after, from what I was told at the time.

Talked to some people, “Lightningboy” one of them. And with some other research came to the conclusion both the Steward and the Matrix are great products, people who have/had both seem to feel they are real close just a slight color difference between the two, (and what amps don’t) OK so they both have audio covered.
Money difference: Not that I have allot, but a couple of hundred would not stop me if I felt the Steward was that much better. Also I would prefer to buy US and don’t mind paying for that either, Even if the units are considered equal. And in this case audio wise they pretty much are.

So why the Matrix?? Heating issues every now and then I was reading of overheating issues with the Steward. Some guys are leaving a space in their racks for cooling. The way I look at it if I have to leave a space for cooling. It’s not a single space unit, it’s a two space unit.

Bottom line really looking forward to the GT800FX and would still like to try Steward in the future just for my own piece of mind. From my little on line research you can be very happy with either.
Truth of the matter also the Carvin DCM200L I am currently using sounds fantastic, but it is underpowered when playing loud, so I am looking forward to placing the Matrix against the Carvin tonally, not volume wise. Because I was just going to go to the Carvin’s big brother the 1540L but would like to stay single space.
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