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Steve Vai

Anand Mahangoe

Amazing playing and programming!!!! i would love to have that Vai sound...

Well the preset used in the first video was made on the Ultra so no more available and using Redwirez Bogner IR high Res.
The second preset was long time ago made with the Atomic High on Default settings , Master on 10 , push back the gain to taste....lowcut on 100-150 hz...put a Tubescreamer in front with Drive 0 , Level 10 , add the dual delays : 250-500 ms....IR used that time was still my fav : Bogner from Redwirez High Res...now I would go for any of the new CabIR Orange , PIN68 cabs or the Marshall Pack from ML.....but honestly : lots of amp / cab variations go do this sound needed to play Vai :)
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