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Steve Vai: Legato 100

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Has anyone tried the Legato 100 in their Axe-FX III?

It sounds like a cool amp, patterned after the Amp SV actually uses.

First time poster here. Looking to purchase an Axe-Fx III.

Thank you!


Just FYI, these days Vai is using the Carvin VLD Preamp pedal into an Axe Fx (effects only), then into the effects return of 2 Legacy heads... So he is using them only as glorified power amps.

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I'll believe that when I see it live ;)
He is playing the Synergy live and with the Carvin VLD Preamp (SV Synergy module in development) From my understanding, he is using AxeFx for effects only.

I am still interested in the AxeFx III myself. I really like the sound of the Legato 100 setting. PLUS it's so cool that it is based off his personal Legacy amp.


Yep. I saw him a month ago and it was the Carvin SV preamp, an AXE, and a couple of Legacy's for power. Totally ripping tone and so freaking loud that I thought the roof would get blown off. He was so loud he made Yngwie's volume sound reasonable. My sperm went deaf. It made '80s Ozzy sound like a 3 year old with a kazoo.

But man oh man can that dude play . . .
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I remember seeing SV in a small venue in Dallas, TX. It was incredibly loud. He sounds even better in person. What an amazing talent.
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