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Steve Vai: - I don’t do modelling


"It’s not modelling, I don’t do modelling. You can get Fender amplifiers - I have the Bassman and Deluxe - then Marshalls, like a Plexi. Synergy Amps feel like they're at the forefront of technology. I’ve tested them forensically against the real thing. It’s not profiling; it’s analogue-powered. "

“I see great things in store for this technology. From the Synergy I go into a mono out, fed into a Fractal Axe-Fx III, which is like a space station. The most powerful piece of outboard gear I’ve seen or heard, matched in power by transparency and quality. Then I go into a Synergy 100W power amp, which feeds my cabinets. It’s more elaborate than that, but that’s the gist of it!”


Anyone tried a Synergy amp?


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I had the predecessor to the Synergy gear - an Egnater M4 rack and Mod50 amp with lots of modules. The modularity was interesting but it had the same problem as tube amps - needs volume to shine, isn't completely accurate to the amps "modeled", heavy, etc. I sold it all when I went Fractal.


Yeah this is not new technology. I think the difference this time around is they had the actual companies design the modules who they are based on.


There was another thread a while back mostly looking holes in Steve's comments in another video for Synergy.

The thing is that many of these amps (that the modules "clone") get a lot of their gain and character from the power amp. And this system uses the same power amp for all of them.

That right there tells me they can't really be all that accurate to what they are emulating.

As discussed in the other thread, Steve endorses products... There's a financial incentive for him to hype this stuff. I like him and respect his musicianship... But I don't buy it.
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