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Steve Lukather CAE 3+SE preset


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Patch is made on Quantum 1.06 I think ?
That would imply you need to upgrade your firmware before loading the patch.


Messed with the video settings last night. Where are the volumes for each of the three channels on the amp? The two preamp volumes that are together were set very low. Blue clean I'm assuming is the first and red would be the second. They both sounded pretty good but where is the volume for the lead channel or does he push that with a pedal.


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All three channels have independent volumes. Also the master volume in the Axe has a different taper than the real amp, so the master volume you have to set by ear.


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Pity we can't really see the exact position of the bright and excursion switches.
Excursion A: T
Excursion B: L
Presence B Select: 0
Gain Boost CH1: H
Pre EQ CH1: B2
Plexi mode: 0
Structure: H
Gain Boost CH2 & CH3: H
Pre EQ CH2: N
Pre EQ CH3: N

The bright switches for CH2 and CH3 really don't matter anyway, he maxes the gain.


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anyone have settings for the different Excursion switches translated for the Axe ? I guess it would be Negative Feedback that needs to be changed...
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