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I pulled the trigger and bought another amp this week to make a stereo rig. I now have (2) MB Mark V 90w Combos in stereo with my FX8. Anything I need to watch out for? I was using the KOKO Boost to push the front of amp and would like to push both is this possible with (1) KB? Also are you guys running each amp the same or (1) Wet (1) Dry, (1) clean(1) dirty? I have never used a stereo rig and would like some ideas. Also if anyone owns any suhr pedal can you connect the Fx8 to pedal to turn off & on?
Thx Tony...


hi tony.

i have a stereo mkV:25 rig, which i use with out any external fx, so i can answer some of your questions.

the first thing to think about is whether you want to use both preamps at the same time, or switch between them and use the power amps in stereo.

i find i get more versatility by setting one preamp up for rythm sounds & the other for lead and and then switching between them (you have more channels to play with, but the concept is the same) , putting delay, pitch, & modulation fx in the post loop and running both power amps in stereo.

by using the 7 cable method (just like the 4cm, but for two heads) i can easily switch between stereo (panned down the center) wet/dry, or even clean/dirty depending on what the material calls for.

as far as using the outboard suhr pedal, i recommend searching the forums. i seem to remember some members having trouble switching the pedal on & off with the fx8


Thank you Flying Walrus. I have it setup right now in 7CM and sounds great. Also watching some youtube vids on wet/dry setups. I was watching a Steve Stevens with his two notes for recording and he likes (1) amp ran with his highs and 2nd ran with his mids/lows and combines them for a big sound. I will mess with that and see. Also heard stuff about phasing? Not sure what that sounds like. I think when I play live I would do the option you suggested above the (1) Rhythm/(1)lead. Clean tones with the chorus and delays sound AWESOME!


It has it's limitations. The distortions are only OK. However, the clean channels are the best solid state I've ever heard. Coupled with the FX8, plugged in stereo,it sounds fantastic! It's light weight,looks cool, and considering the options, it's a good value.
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