Stephan Carpenter Deftones for FM3


Anyone have presets for Stephan Carpenter Deftones for FM3

just seen them at Dia de los Deftones in San Diego & I just got an FM3 so...

Stef actually shared his Koi no Yokan presets here.

But there are several problems you will face.

First they were made for Axe Fx II, so you have to convert them with Fractool( i never had great results with converting old stuff too the Fm3). And second, you still won't be able to play them anyway beacuse they are too complex for the Fm3 architecture. The majority uses dual amp setups and big, complex signal chains.

But if you are looking for those old school Deftones tones your best starting point is the Jmpre-1 (Jmp-1) model.

Stef was a known user of the Marshall preamp, it's pretty easy to get those old school deftones tones from there.

And while the conversion of the koi no yokan for the Fm3 might be a no, no, the Fractool still let's see what amps and effects (and their settings) he was using on those presets (just drag a preset to the fractool to the view logo in the app), and for dirt tones it's for the most part some of the Bogner models in the Axe fx.

Just try some stuff out.
Thanks Telecosta,
I think I will noodle around & see what I can come up with… I’m new to using a Fractal but gotta start somewhere!
Any suggestions are welcomed!
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