SOLVED Error Library Write - system cannot find specified path


When I save a block into the library it gets saved properly, however there's always an error message popping up:


Message box title is in English 'Library Write', message text is (translated from German) 'system cannot find specified path'. This happened since updating to FM9 Edit 1.01.05 from 1.01.04. All paths in preferences -> workspace are existing.
Any ideas?
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All paths in preferences -> workspace are existing.
But do you have permission to write to them? Confirm that you do, and if not, carefully reinstall the editor, being sure you own the directory when finished.

These sorts of problems drove me crazy when I was using Windows. Strongly resist the urge to use the administrator account to use the editor; that’s a way to corrupt it worse or open up security holes.
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I have full access to the directories. But using Windows system directories (users/... are of this sort) sometimes causes problems. I've changed the workspace directories to normal directories and now the message is gone.
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