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Slash's Sound on Royer Labs website


Thanks for that post.

I downloaded the .wav file to check out the frequency content etc.

Killer Marshall tone.


Hey guys,

Not sure if this is where I should post this, but thought you guys would like to hear this.


That's awesome, how did you find this? that's a track called Speed Parade from Ain't Life Grand, Slash's Snakepit second album, i think he was recording with the Silver Jubilees at the time (his signature model of the 90's)

Great find!


FYI, just found this

Looks like he is using 2555.
Presence 2, Bass 9 Mid 5 Treb 5, Output Vol 8, Gain 5.

Output Vol looks pulled.

I tried the settings using Brit Silver. It was close, but his sound was little more scooped, a little more mid highs, a little less mid lows, and alittle more lows. Also I had to turn down the Gain, like 2 or 3.

Anyone else have any luck?

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What's the gain setting on the Silver Jubilee? 2?
I'm wondering about why the output knobs on both amps are pulled and the input gain knobs are not. With this setting the silver jubilee (and I guess the jcm signature too) operates on the clean channel.


If the physical sensation of sex could be translated into an aural experience, that would be it.

Good lord, I love Slash's tone from the UYI / Snakepit era.

PLEASE someone try and tonematch this!


I thought Slash was partial to V30's. I believe he also like to use a GE pedal definitely in front as a boost live, but I I read somewhere he sometimes used them in the FX Loop too. Great tone no matter how he got there.


I believe during the UYI era he used Greenbacks though.... however, he normally does use v30s (70w I think).
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