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Skype/Discord Guitar Lessons

Hi there,
I am Ozz, I own a humble recording studio in Turkey and I'm teaching guitar for almost 20 years to different types of students like blues, rock, metal, fusion, shred guitar...
I teach online for the last 3 years and having great progress from my students, Please check my students' performances video out in our lessons.

In my guitar lessons, I focus anything related to the guitar: Technique, theory, recording, songwriting...
Social Media YouTube & Instagram
For guitar lessons e-mail me: ozgurturkekul@gmail.com

I own Axe Fx Ultra - AX8 - Axe Fx III and I use Axe Fx III in my guitar lessons (min 40 hours a week)


Ozz is an awesome instructor. He has a multi-step plan that includes fixing left and right hand technique, clean & arpeggio playing followed by rhythm guitar and leading into soloing. Helped me break through a plateau.

daniel carrero

New Member
Ozgur is the best teacher for breaking through your limits, not only as a guitarist, but as a musician.

His approach to fixing left and right hand while working on rhythm requires a teacher with a lot of consistency. Ozgur will develop a plan that will make you your best version

Bonus: He will help you navigate anything related to gear. Especially for everyone in this forum, anything related to Fractal devices

Bartu Karagöz

New Member
Ozgür is the best guitar teacher and player I have ever seen. He helps my technic and tonality from beginning and we improve both a lot. He has a nice online setup(he uses Fractal) for fun online lessons.
He also gives me very important advices for my recording phases and my Fractal tones.
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