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Hi there,
I am Ozz, I'm teaching guitar for almost 20 years to different types of students like blues, rock, metal, fusion, shred guitar...
For the last 5 years I am teaching online internationally and having great progress with my students, Please check my students' performances video out in our lessons.

In my guitar lessons, I focus on anything related to the guitar: Technique, theory, recording, songwriting...
For guitar lessons e-mail me:
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Ozz is an awesome instructor. He has a multi-step plan that includes fixing left and right hand technique, clean & arpeggio playing followed by rhythm guitar and leading into soloing. Helped me break through a plateau.
Ozgur is the best teacher for breaking through your limits, not only as a guitarist, but as a musician.

His approach to fixing left and right hand while working on rhythm requires a teacher with a lot of consistency. Ozgur will develop a plan that will make you your best version

Bonus: He will help you navigate anything related to gear. Especially for everyone in this forum, anything related to Fractal devices
Ozgür is the best guitar teacher and player I have ever seen. He helps my technic and tonality from beginning and we improve both a lot. He has a nice online setup(he uses Fractal) for fun online lessons.
He also gives me very important advices for my recording phases and my Fractal tones.
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