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Simulating Double Tracked Guitar


New Member
Any tips on simulating double tracked guitars in the AXE III? I’m looking for a method that works well for both stereo and mono applications. Thanks


Only way I found to get the same tone 100 percent of two guitars is to play on top of your own delay. That way you get the nuances of both notes being played differently. It only works in the tempo your delay is set to but it can fatten up the tone and sound like two people playing. There are plenty of other tricks but none will match the sound of two guitarists.


Power User
One possible idea to simulate is to split the gtr signal into 2 separate amp blocks (same amp type and settings preferable) and set a delay block on the 2nd amp and attach a cc controller to the delay time to randomly set delay settings to between 0 - 120ms give or take. Experiment ....maybe should be 100 - 180ms...etc
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