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Seventh Son tone


After chasing Somewhere in Time tone lately there's about time for following Maiden album. This time job was pretty easy since:
a) SiT tone I did already is a pretty good base for tonematching 7th Son,
b) there is good reference material available to be tonematched.

For now just a quick recording to check the tone in the mix. But this one is scheduled to be recorded later from start to finish (well... without solos, my skills are too lousy for this).

Here's the recording (three guitar tracks in intro) made along with 6 original mastertracks (bass, drums, keyboard, vocal and two complementary tracks):

Here's the patch:
View attachment Iron Maiden - 7th Son.syx

Hope you like it :roll
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Nice! I've been using your previous patch quite happily to play along with this album and it sounds awesome. Can't wait to check this one out.
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