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Seeking practical advice for Live use


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Hi All:

I've been using the AXEFX II extensively in the studio and now I am setting it up for use live. We've made the decision to go with running the Axefx straight into the efx loop return on an amp head essentially just using it as a neutral power amp and providing player controlled monitoring on stage. I've created presets that have no CAB block for this purpose.

Now I also want to set up the presets to be able to feed FOH. So I assume I need to tree off a separate signal path with a CAB block and then an FXL block to feed the EFX sends which I can send to the house.

A couple of questions:

1. In signal path 1, Should the SAG parameter on the AMP block to zero?
2. In general, does the signal path being sent to the FOH require any particular EQ or will the sims sound good cranking through a PA?

Thanks for any advice on this!


There's a preset up in the 380+ range that shows how to do this. Alternatively, download Yek's presets as he has his patches setup like that.

These are the other way round though, with an FX loop feeding out 2 for the traditional amp rig. I'd suggest this as Output 1 has balanced XLR's to feed FoH, which Output 2 does not.


Alternatively, download Yek's presets as he has his patches setup like that.
My presets are setup to send FOH a signal with cab simul. and a signal without cab simul. to a poweramp/cabinet, using the FXL block.
Using a single signal path so no messing with SAG etc.


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Thanks guys. I will check out the routing in Yeks presets.

Yek do you find you have to eq the output of your presets differently from the studio to run through FOH? Also wondering why you dont have to change the SAG control.
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I think setting sag to zero is the same as turning off the global power amp sim. I would think you would want to have the amp models on even using a clean power amp like you mention in your first scenario. Otherwise the Axe would simply be an effects processor. Unless I am wrong you are simply using the clean power amp to provide monitoring of the Axe on stage.
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