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scenes Q


i'm looking at the preset now. what cabs were you using in the stereo cab block? they say User 001.

as mentioned above, the Amp Y (Bludo clean) was panned fully left. this can lead to the lower perceived volume compared to the X which is panned center.

Amp Y also had the Bass Mid and Treble basically all the way down. i turned those up half way and instantly Amp Y was just about as loud as X.

so i think those were the 2 major problems here. it was quiet yet clipping because some frequencies were still getting through. but the perceived volume was very low.

after that, it's just a matter of balancing levels. Scene 1 was very close to clipping already. if you were to add a boost of some sort, you would easily clip the outputs.

though there are no numbers or output dB shown on the unit, i use the Utility Status menu with the output meters to gauge my output volume before clipping. personally, i shoot for the output meters to go to about 3/4 for my non-boosted rhythm tone - cleans or distortion. this leaves lots of room for a 4dB or more boost before clipping.

from there, i balance out the clean vs distortion - maybe i'll turn up the distortion one just a bit - yeah it'll be past that 3/4 mark i like, but i know i made room.

so with this in mind, the only difference between this gain staging, and your previous (or current) preset is that you'd be turning up the axe volume knob a bit more, or the powered speaker, mixer, etc. to reach the same perceived volume as before. this is usually not a problem as powered speakers and mixers and all that have room to turn up - the axe output can send a lot of signal.

maybe check out my video on gain staging:

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that is great Chris, thanks a lot, I'm on my way. the video was very helpful as well, I am reworking all my presets, well done.
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