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saving user IRs


How can I save IRs the Axe ?
If I open a preset with loaded IRs in AxeEdit...
is it copied in the Axe ?
I mean if I save the preset ( Store on the Axe ) is the IR than saved in the Axe like the preset ?



Hi Peter, no, patches does not contains User IR loaded in it.
You have to do it by yourself.
In the Axe Edit click on Preset Manager, then click on "Cabs" in the two columns.
The left column is your PC IR Folder, click source and select a folder.
You will see now a list of compatible IR contained in that folder.
Simply click and drag one of the IR from the left column to one of the Ten Slots of the right. Wait 5-10 seconds and it will be ok.
Hope this help


Fractal Fanatic
FYI: if you do a system bank dump from the axe-fx, all user IR's will be saved with it
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