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Routing Question: Studio Monitors (stereo) in parallel with FRFR Cab (mono)


As I am awaiting delivery of my new Q12a, I am unsure how to best route the output to it from the Axe.

Currently I have the following Setup:

1) Axe connected to a studio monitor line mixer via XLR O/P 1 (this mixer is also used for headphone monitoring = headphones are plugged into the mixer)

2) Axe connected to Focusrite Audio Interface via USB (for DAW recording)

3) O/P 2 (and I/P 2) routed to my patch panel for potential external FX usage

My question now is:

A) If I route an TS cable from my O/P2 left to the Q12a and in the I/O menu utilize "copy O/P1 > O/P2" will it override a "Sum to mono" Setting for O/P2 - as the manual says "This overrides other settings for OUT2"?
(I want to continue using my monitors and headphone in stereo but since I only have one Q12a it can only be in mono)

B) Can I use a Y cable on O/P 2 of the Axe to retain my Routing Options for external FX AND feed of the Q12a (obviously having to switch settings in the I/O menu then when changing from the Q12a to ext. FX and vice versa)?

C) Is there a better way to connect the Q12a while maintaining seperate stereo AND mono monitoring?

Any advice would be highly appreciated! (and yes, I know that the easiest way would be to buy a 2nd Q12a but - apart from the cash - I do not have the space :) )


Just found in the manual on page 157:

4. Mono and Stereo at Once – New for the Axe-Fx II is the ability to operate OUT2 as a summed MONO copy
of the stereo OUT1 signal (or vice versa). Select COPY OUT1>OUT2, then choose the output mode for each
pair of jacks that best suits your needs. See Mono Summing above for possible concerns.

The Y cable I will just try as soon as the Q12a arrives.
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