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Resolved: System settings default during every power up.


Probably a simple fix, when I turn on the unit it always defaults to preset 000 instead of the last preset it was on before shutting down.
Anyway to change that?


Does the Axe save your presets?
I bought a used III on eBay, and had your problem plus the saving issue.
The solution was to buy a battery and install, since the one in the Axe had been removed or never installed.


The unit should restart to the same preset it was at when you turned it off...

Contact support and tell them what’s happening. They will give likely you instructions on replacing the battery.


Thanks, it does save the presets. The unit after being shut off all night, the first start up is always 000. I did however notice my output went back to -10db instead of +4. Could be the preset are stored elsewhere and not affected by the battery.
I replaced the battery, still didn't fix it. If unit is shut off or unplugged it defaults the system settings.
Note to self: when replacing with new battery remove backing on battery. Doh!
It was the battery.
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Tom Morris

Power User
Damnit and I just had mine out of the rack. Really should have changed that battery. Not that I'm having an issue but if there is a gremlin around it will find me.

Ken O

What battery are you guys talking about?
Something internal on the Axe3?

Never mind i found it ...CR2032 battery for system backup with a 10 year life span...
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