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[resolved] Problem with bass preset with new firmware - really distorted

Jono Bacon

Tonight I decided to recorded a comparison between the 2.x firmware and 3.0 beta. The guitars (both distorted and clean) sound great (and I can really hear the improvement), but there is a big problem with my bass preset.

Here is an audio clip with the same part on the 2.x firmware and then on the 3.0beta:

Also, the waveforms look quote different:


It seems that the waveform is louder, but is distorting way more than it should in the preset. You can see this also by the audio before I start playing - there is a load of background noise.

Cliff - happy to share the preset if you want, just send me a DM.

As for other meters, the output block tickles the red a little bit and the USB output sounds fine (as recorded the other guitars and they were ok - I have recordings of them if you want them.)
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Power User
Preset using the SV Bass model, and is "2.x" in your world something pre 2.05? SV Bass amp is a new model as of 2.05, and it's headroom characteristic and levels are quite different (by design) in that new model.

Reworked SV Bass amp model. Model is now based on a 1970 Ampeg SVT with 6550 power tubes and the midrange switch in position 3.

Jop vS

Indeed, on the same settings it drives like crazy and is way louder. Just have to edit your amp blocks and you'll be fine. I set my master vol trim to the minimum amount on all of my SV patches (they were set to 1 before).

Jono Bacon

Aha, makes sense. I thought I had updated to 2.05, but maybe I didn't.

Can anyone offer some guidance on how much I should turn down the MV and Input Trim to get back to my original sound?


Quite a fair bit to clean things up. As usual use your ears. For example - I went from 7.5 to 4.5 on the master volume for (almost) clean sounds. I think I knocked input drive and input trim a couple of notches back as well. I'd just turn these 3 knobs incrementally till you get the desired results.

Another thing to consider - The new Portabass amp model is cleaner and still has an Ampeg vibe to it. Might want to give that a shot for cleaner stuff.
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