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Resetting amp block to defaults and bright switch?


Hi, I am building a country chicken pickin' preset for a gig I have to do with a band next Saturday night. I am working with the Dr. Z 38 and Matchless DC30 amp models.

I am wondering something regarding the BLOCK/RESET and RESET current effect type options in the drop down menu of axe edit. In the Matchbox D-30 amp type when I reset the amp block the bright switch is engaged, gain and tone controls revert to 5 and master to 10 as the DC30 has the master volume disengaged for the model so it should be 10 I think where the amp has no master vol.

When you reset an amp block does the axe fx or axe edit 'know' to take into account the type of amp being reset and select the state of the bright switch on/off to suit or is is just ON always? Is resetting an amp block the same as setting the block to default values for the particular amp model?

What is the difference between BLOCK/RESET and BLOCK/RESET CURRENT effect type?

Any ideas?

Also I find some of the clean amp models have a hiss, is this normal through headphones? I have good quality cable and used a few to check if i had a bad cable but that is not it. I know I can use the gate in the input and another gate block at the end of the chain should I wish but should I need to? The Matchbox D-30 block when reset is hissy . The cab used does not matter as it still hisses. I am using the Boutique RW cab. Is this normal?

I am using a Line 6 Variax with the tele model ON so the real pickups are out of circuit so the noise is from the axe fx not the guitar.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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For blocks other than the Amp block, Block/Reset reverts all of the block's parameters to defaults, including the model or effects type. Delay reverts back to Digital Mono, Cab block reverts back to Hi-/UltraRes (mono) and Factory Cab 1 (1x6 Oval), Reverb reverts back to Medium Room, etc. The Amp block on the other hand does not change the selected model when resetting the block. If you have Friedman BE selected, a Block/Reset reverts to all the defaults specifically for Friedman BE and does not change to a different model. It's the same action as double tapping the Bypass button on the front panel while at the edit screen.

Block/Reset Current Effect Type also resets the block's parameters back to defaults but without changing the current effect type, so it works like a regular reset does on the Amp block. For example, if you have Delay set to Tape Stereo, a regular Block\Reset would make it revert back to Digital Mono model, but Block/Reset Current Effect Type keeps it set to Tape Stereo and loads those specific defaults. For the Cab block, Block/Reset Current Effect Type keeps the currently selected cab type and IR(s) but resets everything else. Block/Reset Current Effect Type is only available in Axe Edit. I don't believe there is a front panel equivalent.

Both reset types affect only the current selected X or Y state in a block, not both. Neither reset type will remove assigned modifiers from block parameters.

The amp block also has another "reset" option as well. If you change the selected model and then go back, it will reset all the advanced parameters for the selected model, but will leave the Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Output Level, Balance, and Bypass Mode, settings where they were. This works both in Axe Edit and on the front panel.
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