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Recording axe with spdif make any difference ??


I had a discussion about rec. and some people think that recording the axe-fx with the spdif option would have better results...does anyone tried this? I haven't done this yet because I did something wrong with my sound card,I had a signal going in but no sound..if this actually works and sounds better can we still use the reamping function ?it would really help to hear from the Fractal team what they think about this..thanks a lot for your time!!!


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I use the digital output for dry and the analog for the wet and it's great for re-amping.

But just be warned that you will have to deal with the master/slave clock issues that come with using digital. Basically whatever the source is needs to be the master so when you record the dry take the soundcard has to be slave and when you re-amp the soundcard is the master so it'll have to be set to such. Can be a bit of a hassle going back and forth depending on how the soundcard works.


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Well, I don't know if spdif sounds better, but it should more accurate. If you keep everything digital you will save on one step if digital to analogue conversion. But, that's not to say that it would sound bad if you went analogue out from your axefx. The axefx has great converters from what I hear. Now if you want to discuss digital spdif vs digital AES that's a whole other set of things about jitter and that jazz. To be honest you probably wouldn't be able to hear a difference between any of them unless you're sound cards analogue ins weren't so hot or the sound cards analogue to digital converters were lousy.

Id say go digital if possible to eliminate most conversions issues.
I record via spdif because my projects are at 48k and I'm happy as a clam doing it. I didn't like having to switch back and forth on my inputs when switching to analog gear (recording vocals/acoustic instruments) so now I just run spdif out to my interface and get the show on the road. It sounds good, is digitally clean, and keeps my workflow clean as well.

That said, I don't reamp and having tried reamping via spdif, I think I'd rather jam something into my eyeball than try that route again. No thanks! And I don't record at 44.1 so I am not going to reamp analog - lots o' noise. And I never could figure out why fractal was so market-y about USB reamping - to be frank it is entirely useless without hearing the guitar tone in the mix, which you cannot hear when you reamp via USB.

But to get it back on point: recording with spdif sounds great and records without the hassles of USB, but don't even think about reamping with it because 9 times out of 10 you won't be able to.
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