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Really great side-by-side comparison chart of FM9 to FM3 to Axe-FX III by Fractal Audio up on their website; link here.


Fractal Fanatic
Hi Buddy, I'm a user of both Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps and 1000+ Live Gold! - FM3. Any plan to update those packs and/or a special LAYOUT for use with those just like OMG9?
Yes - there will be a Cygnus LiveGold version for the FM9. Until I get my hands on one (soon!) and examine factory layout/logic, I can't say what changes to layouts may be advisable. Not sure about Naked Amps, but in theory those should port over exactly the same as they are on the III, but I haven't updated to Cygnus yet.

EDIT: well actually the FM9 only uses two cabs per channel and the III uses 4 per channel. That is a major complication in porting over from Naked Amps, since I used all four cab four slots or may have chosen the third or fourth Cab for a sound in those a lot in that...
@Admin M@ - The comparison chart is great but I found a typo. The Analog Outs row needs to be updated with correct analog output information for each device. Currently it looks like the data in this row was copy/pasted from the Analog Ins row.

Bruce Sokolovic

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yes answered a lot of questions! Would love to see the DSP chart like Ive seen for all the other units in comparison. Do I ever run out of DSP even on my AX8? No. Do I geek out over firepower anyway? Of course.


This is awesome. Quick question. In the chart it says Input 2 is Stereo XLR though the picture looks like 1/4" (I'd prefer the 1/4") but just wanting to make sure the specs haven't changed.

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