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Read before buying Fractal Audio product on eBay, Reverb, etc.

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Fractal Audio Systems
We have had many private inquiries about the following information so I am posting it here for all to see.

Fractal Audio Systems sells direct to customers in the US and Canada.
  • Only Fractal Audio Systems or the dealers listed on our web site are authorized to sell "NEW" products. No Fractal Audio product sold on ebay, Craigslist, a forum, etc., should be advertised or sold as "New". Such products are not new. They are second-hand.
  • Our warranty is non-transferrable in the US or Canada.
  • If you purchase a product in the US or Canada and export it to another country, this voids the warranty.
  • We cannot validate serial numbers.
In Europe, only our authorized distributor G66 sells NEW products by Fractal Audio Systems.
G66 DOES allow their customers to transfer a warranty to another customer in Europe. When purchasing a second-hand unit In Europe, you'll need to take your seller's word for it that the unit was not a "gray market" import not purchased from G66. Fractal Audio Systems USA cannot validate serial numbers on behalf of G66.

We have many other dealers around the world, each of whom will have their own policies. Please contact them for additional information.
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