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Tried to reamp today, was a no go. I opened 3 tracks and recorded in Cubase from Axe FX USB, BUT the raw track for reamping doesn't come through on any of the tracks ONLY the track + effects come through on all of the recorded tracks. I/O under USB/Digi out source>output 1 all tracks with fx. With output 2> all tracks raw. How do I get both? Any ideas? Thanks~K


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Hi Klaus,
at least you´re one step further than me :)
How did you manage to get sound into Cubase anyway???
I´m not even able to hear Axe over my monitors
My signal chain: Guitar > Axe > USB > Win7 computer: What do I have to dial to make it sound?
Usualy my path was: Guitar > Steinberg MXS interface > Computer > Cubase 5

Some guys recommend using the AxeII Outs going into the interface


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It was mentioned in another thread where folks recommended using ASIO4ALL... before this I couldn't get any sound at all... once you do this the Axe-fx II works as both a "sound card" and an input device... only issue I'm having is muting the "live track" cannot be muted (at least I haven't found out how to disable it)...


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My described problem is partially solved: My PC wasn´t able to "understand" the driver file. With a mail to G66.eu the problem was solved by replacing a specific file.

At the moment I use the Out1 into my interface and record a stereo track in Cubase. I haven´t tried to use the USB port bc I ´d have to switch the ASIO drivers. So I use Steinbergs Asio driver.

I´m still experimenting and will post if I found a solution!


just downloaded ASIO4ALL and still cant get any sound in Cubase LE 5. It says all of the Axe ports are inactive. Is there something inside the unit I need to have done? I have the USB Adapter mode set to ON in the I/O
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