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Question about midi


I'm considering adding a Red Panda Particle V2 and am hoping to have the FX8 send midi messages to change presets on it. The Particle V2 receives midi over USB. Is it as simple as using the USB port on the FX8 and configuring the necessary program changes? If so, how does the FX8 determine whether you are trying to send midi messages over USB or through the 5-pin Midi-Out? Is there a setting for this? Can it send out messages through both simultaneously?


USB communication requires a computer to be connected. you can't plug a USB from one audio device directly to the other the same way you would a MIDI or Audio cable.


Thanks for the quick reply. Okay so having to use the standard Midi-Out, is there anything on the market (besides a computer) that I could put in between to convert to midi over USB?

Tom Morris

Power User
From Red Pandas Manual:
  • Standalone USB MIDI hosts allow you to connect the Particle to hardware with 5-pin DIN MIDI connec-
    tors without the use of a computer. Examples include:
    iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+
    iConnectivity mio4
    Disaster Area Designs Gen3 MIDI controllers with their gHOST option Kenton MIDI USB Host MkII
    MidiPlus USB MIDI Host
    Sevilla Soft USB Host MIDI 2
    See our Knowledge Base for up-to-date information
The Disaster Area Designs gHost looks like a nice compact solution for $90. Mind you I know nothing on the subject other than looking at the advertisement. Note that I'm not an FM3 user I'm all in on the AFXIII.
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