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Wish Provide an Option to choose one side ONLY when importing stereo IRs...

Mark Al

Stereo IRs appears like this after import, Left and Right side sounds identical, and we'd like to choose 1 side only. Doing so manually after import does not work when there are many IRs....

I'd be nice to provide an option in the Axe III Edit to choose either L or R side when importing stereo IR, e.g. Helix allows this.

I encountered this issue when importing the new OwnHammer (r)Evolution IR packs. The pack does provides mono version of IR which unfortunately are only 200ms, while their stereo IRs are 500ms. I'd much prefer the 500ms IR as I can clearly hear the difference. But bulk importing stereo IRs doesn't work due to this issue.

Please add this option, much appreciate it @Michael Pickens 👍 👍 👍
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