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Problems with Axe Fx II Mark II and Catalina


New Member
Hello everyone!
I have a still glorious Axe Fx II mark II and I would like to control it with Axe Edit.
Recently I bought a new iMac for my studio in which there is Catalina.

I installed the latest version of the software and I updated the drivers. Everything seems to be on point except for the fact that when I try to connect the computer with the Axe, receive an error message. I upload you a screenshot here. Maybe you can help me to detect what's going on exactly?

Schermata 2020-07-31 alle 22.21.50.png


Fractal Fanatic
Did you solve this? I updated my MacBook to Catalina this week and I have to update Axe Edit as well. Where can I find the Edit version that matches with Q8.02 and Catalina?
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