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Wish Press for Scene, Hold for Preset


I've currently got the bottom row of buttons set for 4 individual scenes and got a midi controller on order to give me direct access to a number of presets (single button). (top row has 4 fx on/off for the preset)

It would be great if you could have a 'hold' feature, that allowed a single switch work for scenes and presets.

IE: switch 1 (assignable) : press for Scene 1, hold for preset 1.

I wouldn't expect any CPU burden here, so hopefully it's not too hard to implement.

Loving the unit though, cheers for even letting us give feedback in this way,


Fractal Fanatic
I know this is not your wish, but with single preset switch assigned to 1 switch instantly makes all 8 switches preset switches, and it resets when you select one.
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