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preset for acoustic guitar


how do you set up a simple preset to plug your acoustic guitar into, either steel string or nylon string? I play acoustic in some songs and I would like to run it thru the AXE rather than the board so I can use effects and volume pedal as well.

Mike Snider

For The Acoustic, it could be as simple as shunts from beginning to end.
My acoustic pickups add too many frequencies that are unnatural to the tone of my acoustic, I add a PEQ block and pull those frequencies out that the pick up adds/highlights. I also use just a touch of delay and reverb on occasion.

If you are asking about running 2 guitars at once- there is more than one method. I use one of these Sound Sculpture Musical Instrument Products-ABCadabra
although you can easily just use the rear inputs of the axefx.
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