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Power Engine + coaxial speaker as frfr solution?

Has anyone tried this combination? I remember reading about someone who was satisfied with the results.

I mean changing the internal speaker for a coaxial one, beyma or similar.


This is something I'd love to try. As a cheap experiment I threw a Eminence Beta 12LTA coax speaker into an old Orange 1x12 cab I had lying around and I love it, far nicer than the DB Opera m412 monitor I used to use. Really sounds and feels like a proper guitar cab. I would love to try the Eminence with a Power Engine, then I could reduce my setup to the cab and a single 2u rack :)


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I have 2 Power Engine 60s and I swapped the speakers out with Beyma 12GA50s and it sounds great as a FRFR-type speaker (I don't know how close it gets to true FRFR, but the speaker is pretty flat across the freqs). My piezo output sounds great through it as well - was very lacking in high end with the original PE60 Seventy80 speakers.
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