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Pokemon meets AxeFX II!! (New Cover)


Hey everyone!

Just for fun, I decided to make a cover of the Pokemon gym leader battle with the AxeFX2. I recreated all the audio and it was loads of fun to make! I hope you guys enjoy it too!
Also any advice/comments on the mix wouldn't hurt either :) . I really appreciate everyone who gives it a listen! you're awesome!!! :encouragement:

(I haven't had the chance to try Quantum yet so this is still a FW 19 endeavor. I'm very excited to get that up and running as well!)



Sometime, when I'm reading through a battle scene in a manga, this theme starts playing in my head. It's mentally satisfying in a way I can hardly describe.


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this is stupidly sick (mostly cuz im a pokemon nut but i digress haha). i actually have an instrumental cover of the victory road theme from wayyyy before i had an axe, lemme see if i can find it on my comp...

Found it!!!
fyi i dont actually own an 5 string bass so the bass is literally my A string pitched down an octave lmao
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I was literally loading up to play pokemon in one hand as I started scrolling through the recording forum and found this. Hahaha that was awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed this.


Thanks so much for the kind words. I really love the chromaticism in the pokemon battle music it makes it so epic.
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