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Plexi in v5


Has anyone noticed a weird volume thing on the Plexi normal amp in v5?

I was fooling around w my patches last night and it seems that under certain conditions I got a weird tremolo or compressor pumping kind of sound/feeling. It seemed to happen when I would really dig into notes higher on the fretboard after a bit of silence or quiet playing, didn't notice it as much on the low strings.

(if youre familiar with worship music, I noticed it most when I played through the meedly meedly part of Lincoln brewsters solo on "today is the day")

Is there perhaps a setting that I need to change? (I did switch amps and then switch back to reset the default parameters.). Or is this how a Plexi actually feels (never played through a real one)


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New here
Hi Friends, I updated the ax and a couple of days I was trying to take full advantage of the new features.
I have to make a distinction between presets and presets clean or high gain distortion hi. The dynamics in the clean presets such as fenders, Plexis, etc. to really wonder. Just adjust the dynamics of the 5.00 button on he feels that the guitar vibrates.
But I felt the same with presets like JCM800 distortion CAE or bogner. I left with a dirty sound somewhat saturated, as having a bit of fuzz in some way and the truth is that I found him to how to get around this saturation than before the update did not exist. In short, we should expect to leave the new banks of patches and see if they improve. If anyone has an idea how to get that little more saturation or dirt that remains would appreciate the information.
Greetings !!!!!! 1
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