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Pink Floyd - Terminal Frost (Guitar Cover)



I was so much mesmerized by this exceptionally beautiful composition, that, back in the day, I formed and named a band, 'Terminal Frost'.
Gives me goose bumps, each time I hear Mr. David Gilmour play such a fervent solo!

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Recorded on -
Music Man JP7
Ernie Ball 7-String Slinky COBALT
Fractal Audio Systems Axe FX II XL+
Shure monitoring headphones
Logic X.

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Tasty use of the whammy bar.

Do you have a screenshot of what your grid layout looks like for this tone? MuffPI type drive in front of a Plexi or Cornwall? What Reverb settings? The feedback sounds very organic and Gilmourish, and it has been elusive for me.


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Hello Saurabh
what to say......
you are a very talented
in doing playing so well
a very different guitar from the one of Gilmour
much knowledge in your hands ;)
as always.....
very good :)


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Hello Saurabh
These image, helps very little :confused:
Here they ask you two options
1) see every single block, which settings you used = Drive / Amp / Cab / Chorus / Enhance / Delay / Reverb
2) if you want to share your patch

However, great tone with a different guitar :D:D:D


Very authentic sound and great playing ! Can you please tell which drive and cab you use, together with the Bludojai lead ?
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