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Owane - Rock Is Too Heavy Lead tone Preset

Jonathan Chiu

New Member
Hi, Jonathan here. Taiwanese.

I edited it just about 15 mins when my friend asked me.
His guitar is Charvel Guthrie Govan Birdeyes Signature
That's just a little bit strange if not using Fender~

Please try it and recommand ~

hope u guys will love it ~ Share~ (maybe its suck to u)

Axe-Change Download : reurl.cc/2d049


Here is Owane LowGain/MidGain Tone simulation preset. (Switch from Scene).
PLEASE Inport this unique cab before set up this preset.

Gears :
Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature Birdseye Top.
Vovox Cables
Furutech 6.3-3.5
Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote.
It set as Friedman HBE Single Amp & JBL E130+SM5 7CAB.

*Suggest Firmware Version is Ares1.03 (Q-11)


Taiwan No. 1
Taiwan No. 1
Taiwan No. 1


  • A006_JNT Owane LowGain SA.syx
    6.3 KB · Views: 75
  • U006_JBL E130 SM57 C.syx
    10.6 KB · Views: 70
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