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Opeth - The Lotus Eater tone test [JVM + Recto Red]



I was in an Opeth mood and remembered how much I dig Watershed's production. I proceeded to read a bit about the production and started to work.
Used the Brit JVM OD2 OR (iirc) along with the Recto Red Modern. Close enough! I love the Axe FX II, so much.

Drums are Metal Foundry... some preset I modded a bit.

Hope you guys dig!


Here is the preset in case anyone is interested.

AMP and CAB X is the Marshall and AMP and CAB Y is the Recto.
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I think they somewhat recently switched to Fractal yeah. Tbh I haven't had the chance to listen to them now that they're using the Axe, nor I've seen them live since the Watershed tour. :(


That sounds really good! I've tried the JVM OD and Recto Red and didn't have much luck with it. Seems the USA Leads and rhythms get me what I need. But you seem to have made great use of those amps here!
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