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NUX Cerberus - Multi-function effects pedal with presets and IR loading

Alex C

Does anyone have any experience with this? I just learned about it and can't quite tell if it has been fully released or where it could be purchased (it's out of stock everywhere I've seen, or maybe not yet in stock).

Overdrive, distortion, tremolo/phaser/univibe, mutliple chorus types, delay with tap tempo, hall/plate/spring reverb, tuner, cab sim, IR loading, separate IN/OUTs for drive/distortion section and delay/mod/reverb section to allow for 4CM configuration in an amp's loop, 20dB boost, expression pedal input for volume, switchable routing order of drive-->distortion or distortion -->drive or in parallel, 128 presets.

The price I've seen on multiple sites is $299.


I have a Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 (the original one with the Plexi drive section) that has served its purpose for a few years, but I'm in the market for something a little more flexible and with a little more gain, or at least the ability to handle palm mutes without mushing out. I'm looking for a standalone device that can go direct to the board for the times that I don't want to haul the Axe-FX/MFC rig.

This device doesn't have an amp simulation section and it looks like its primary intended use is in a 4CM configuration in an amp's effects loop (drive/distortion can be before amp input, with delay/mod/reverb in the amp's loop) but it does have a selectable "cab simulation" on one output that is intended for direct connection to FOH. I'm hoping that this cab sim is convincing enough that this could be a standalone unit for going direct. 3rd party IRs can be loaded here as well.

Brett Kingman ( @Burgs ) has a great demo video of the direct sounds (but I'm taking this with a grain of salt since he makes everything he plays sound incredible):

Here's another nice-sounding direct demo:

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This is on my to do list when tax money comes ;) I would think it is out of stock, I believe it released a few months ago.
A guy on the quilter FB group has one... He likes it a lot.
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