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[NOT A BUG] MFC Intermittently responding after Q8.0


I updated to Q8.0 when it was released from the Q8 beta. Had a gig Saturday night and experienced intermittent issues with the MFC. On any one of my 5 gig patches, the MFC would not change scenes on the Axe. Hit the button, the display would show the scene was changed, but it would not change on the Axe. Had to change to a different preset and back to get it to work. Also experienced intermittent, very slow scene change where it would take 3 or more seconds for the scene to change with a very noticeable audio dropout. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am using and AxeFX XL+ on Q 8.0. MFC Mk3 with latest firmware, new Ethercon cable (tried 3 different ones)
For the record, I confirmed this behavior on Sunday at home with the gig rig as well as with my back up MFC (Mk 1), different Ethernet cables. I reloaded the firmware on the Axe and the issue remains.

Any suggestions?
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