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Wish Noise gate


I’d love a on/off noise function.
And a future unit to put in stomb boxes to pull in and out of chain. Other wise the unit is close to flawless.


I thought it was a value on threshold that can be lowered to its minimum. Where do I find on off for Noise gate? Thank you


Power User
If you want to turn the gate on and off within presets, as @yek suggested, use the GTE (Noise Gate) Block.

Regarding turning off the Global/Pre Gate, this was answered in your thread in the regular FX8 Forum:

"On the FX8, press the <PAGE> button twice to get to the GTE page. Turn the <NAV> knob to select "THRESHOLD", turn the <VALUE> knob counterclockwise until the value reads "OFF".

In FX8 Edit, click on the "Gate/Out" button and select "In/Gate". Set the threshold to -100.0 dB by entering the value in the box above the "Threshold" knob or turning the knob fully counter-clockwise."

The -100 dB setting essentially turns off the gate.
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