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No communication - resolved


I was hoping the transfer to a new computer system would be smooth, but none of my Fractal devices are communicating. I have both the Axe3 and FM3.
I have downloaded the drivers, new USB files, Axe Edit and FM3 edit. I am running straight in to my computer. "not Connected" is the message. Fractal bot asks for com port, but the list shows only my DAW interface and Synth as possible options (I have attempted all options listed). For the life of me don't recall what it was before the move. So, yeah, everything was fine on the old system, but the new one is not communicating for me.
I have uninstalled and redownloaded everything three times.

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I found a thread on making sure the USB is 2. . Not sure why this would not be backwards compatible. My computer states that two in the back are 2.0. No communication still.

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Fractal Audio Systems
Have you checked Device Manager for any possible trouble?

If you happen to have a USB hub, try inserting it between the computer and the USB devices.
You don't mention using a hub, but if you're already using one, try removing it and connecting directly.


Yeah, I was using a hub, then I searched the forum and found the thread on making sure it’s USB 2. so I went to device manager and clicked USB. It showed that I have a USB 2 port. So I went direct on all of my computer USB ports (not sure exactly which one it is) with no change. I also disconnected any firewalls and security options.
BTW, I think the computer IS reading the connection, as I get a pop up screen saying it is connected to the device ( on my computer, not edit) it seems that Bot ( and edit) is not recognizing my ports or something. IDK.
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